Pain into Purpose Workshop

The Pain into Purpose Workshop is based on my One Thing. Everything. book where I lay out an inspirational path to using a spouse’s addiction as a catalyst to deeper self-love and purpose. It is a guide to reclaiming your life.  

This 2-hour Pain into Purpose Workshop can help you:

  • Discover the #1 reason you’re not happy (and how to fix it).
  • Learn how to overcome your subconscious limiting belief so you can stop repeating negative patterns and start creating a life that feels good.
  • Learn my step-by-step methods to prepare you for the book.
  • Move forward with healing practices you can use right away.

This book is a journey of remembering where your power lies, finding purpose in your pain, and deeper understanding of who you truly are.  You’ll discover meaning in the midst of addiction. You’ll accept that life flows into unexpected places that can guide you back to a more authentic truth and connection to your inner Self.  Regardless of the outcome of your partner’s addiction or recovery, you’ll find hope and inspiration for a brighter future.

In these pages you’ll learn how to:

  • Prioritize your own well-being
  • Take back control of your life
  • Remember your worth
  • Love yourself more deeply
  • Find the courage to choose yourself

Accepting that you matter will change everything.  You’ll trust that you have the answers within yourself and feel safe enough to choose how to best move forward with confidence and strength.  You’ll experience a fuller truth of who you are, uncover deeper meaning and purpose in your life, and pave the way forward with new clarity and direction.

You’ll intuitively know that from One Thing can come Everything.

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