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This meditation album contains 8 powerful guided practices that will help you connect to your inner power and experience greater self-love and deeper purpose.

Morning Mantras: Begin your day with inspiring mantras that will help connect you to your deepest truth.  I suggest listening to these within the first 45 minutes of your day while you are going about your daily morning routine as you internalize these empowering statements.

Gratitude Meditation: Meditating on the feeling of gratitude can make you aware of your appreciation for the gifts of this moment, no matter what is taking place.  Enjoy this simple and profound practice to connect you to a deeper truth within you.

Meditation for Healing: This is a beautiful and moving practice of love and self-acceptance where I guide you to healing the hurt you’ve endured and discover the lessons that will bring forward its spiritual purpose in your life.

Affirmation Meditation: In this meditation I guide you to nourishing the loving energy and vibration of feeling strong, confident, peaceful, and in control.

Future You Meditation: In this meditation I guide you to clearly visualize the details of how you want to feel, who you want to be, and the life you are inspired to create so you can manifest it into existence.

Mediation for Spiritual Guidance: By turning inward and connecting to a peaceful, centered, and connected place within, you will be able to receive spiritual guidance and clarity on your next steps moving forward.

Bonus! Cutting Cord Meditation: In this meditation I guide you to honor your feelings as you release the negative energetic ties and attachment to someone from your past with love so you can feel the freedom, relief, and peace that comes as you let go of what no longer supports your highest good.

Bonus! One Thing. Everything. Meditations: This bonus track is a compilation of affirmations to reaffirm how one thing can lead you to everything within you as I guide you to tap into the feeling of trust and faith.